Extra Virgin Olive Oil from selected olives and recollected only by the traditional method of whacking. 100% mechanical extraction, as it should be.

This liquid gold grants multiple health benefits to our organism, and constitutes the base for the famous mediterranean diet.

Oil with

guaranteed quality

Our oil belongs to the Sierra Mágina certificate of origin, and is analized periodically to check that it keeps the required properties.

All of our oils are Extra Virgin, complying with local legislation and certificate of origin conditions. They are always kept at a maximum acidity of 0,5º, parameter that measures the quality of oils, the lower, the better.

TWO stages process of extraction of the oil.

extraction of the oil

“Cumbres de Mágina” is the EVOO with certificate of origin Sierra Mágina extracted with the two staged process, executed after the milling, the decantation and it’s filtering, therefore obtaining a clean, shiny, and transparent oil. It represents the excellency of “Cumbres de Mágina”.
Centennial olive groves at high altitude


All of our olive oil comes from Albanchez de Mágina. From the centenary olive oils at the base of the Pico de Mágina and Mount Aznaitín, in the middle of the Natural Park of Sierra Mágina.

La gran altitud de la zona, unida a las condiciones climatológicas únicas de Sierra Mágina son determinantes en la calidad de nuestro Virgen Extra.

Acidez y Sensorial


We analize the properties of the oil to make sure it fulfills the requirements needed for the Sierra Mágina certificate of origin.

Acidity Analysis

Only olive oils with an acidity lower than 0,8º are Extra Virgin, only olive oils lower than 0,5º are accepted into the certificate of origin, and all of our oils are never above 0,3º.

Sensory Analysis

We make sure the oil isn’t defective. We only bottle the oil produced without any defects. Any faulty oil is sent to other brands.

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